Brand Battle! Arrma Vs. Traxxas

This is one of the most challenging face-offs we have done, two of the best brands facing off to the ultimate battle of power, speed, and all-out fun; Arrma Vs. Traxxas will undoubtedly be the head-to-head of the year, the highlight of greatness, and we humbly show you the contenders. Top RC brands like Arrma V.s Traxxas offer the most thrilling racing experience and astounding performance on both off-road and smooth terrain. However, it is an accomplishment that will leave you in wonder about them and grow your admiration that they were able to bring these two great contenders to a contest of mastery. We shall consider the fantastic past of Traxxas and Arrma as we lay the foundation for this titanic conflict.

Arrma The Newbie, or the Newbeast

Arrma was developed in 2009, the year Traxxas celebrated its 23rd anniversary. At the time, Arrma was the up-and-coming company offering budget-friendly, ready-to-run RC cars. A short while afterward, Arrma started producing more significant, powerful RTR brushless vehicles. The 6S BLX experience made many people more favorable toward the Arrma brand. These kits increased in popularity, speed, and extremeness every year. By offering solid cars with RTR and EXP rollers for off-road and rugged terrain, Arrma has experienced exponential growth.

Traxxas, the Master of RTR

What brought us here, then? Well, a small business named Traxxas was founded in 1986, which is roughly 36 years ago. They came up with the concept of selling RC hobby-grade vehicles that are entirely built and ready to drive. When RC cars first came out, they were typically kits you assembled yourself. This was fantastic for those who wanted to take the car out of the box and play! In addition, ready-to-run (RTR) kit offerings did a great job of attracting new people to the RC hobby. Intending to make RC racing simple, Traxxas continued to develop more cars throughout the years, including ones with two-wheel and four-wheel drive, electric and nitro, and both on- and off-road capabilities.



The primary goal of Arrma has always been to offer enthusiasts powerful four-wheel drive brushless cars. In contrast to Traxxas, which offers a variety of RC cars, Arrma focused on a single market niche, “Designed FAST,” with extreme acceleration and high speeds. Every year, kits are revised to address problems, and version numbers are assigned for tracking. The buyer must buy, install, and configure the electronics; however, Arrma provides “EXtreme Bash (EXB) models with alternative parts to make them durable. The EXtreme Bash models from Arrma are best suited for seasoned RC pilots familiar with radio control. It’s also important to note that contemporary Arrma ready-to-run cars have Spectrum Smart Technology, which works similarly to some Traxxas systems with the primary goal of providing secure and convenient LiPo charging. Is Arrma the top brand, then? See what we discovered by reading on.


The Bandit, Slash, Stampede, and Rustler are among Traxxas’ popular ranges of 2S and 3S-capable vehicles that make excellent first models for beginners. With Traxxas’ creative thinking and meticulous enjoyable designs, radio control is simple for anyone to begin using. RC extreme vehicles like the 4S, 6S, and 8S are also available from Traxxas; however, they only make up a small fraction of their product line. Traxxas offers a substantial assortment of drop-in accessories and an ecosystem of aftermarket parts to simplify radio control. The Traxxas system includes toll-free customer service, TKI transmitters, link apps, ID batteries, and recharge devices that work with their app. Even if these things are expensive, people just getting into the radio control hobby may find the quality goods and first-rate services Traxxas offers worthwhile. Is Traxxas the top manufacturer?

Our Investigation

Traxxas primarily produces RC vehicles for beginners and has a laser-like emphasis on producing aggressive RC vehicles. On the other hand, Arrma primarily produces robust, basher RC vehicles and occasionally produces RC vehicles that are user-friendly for beginners. As a result, despite their differences and similarities, there is a balance of benefits between the two brands on both sides. The chart below displays the various models, and prices the Traxxas and Arrma brands offer.

8SX-Maxx$899.95Kraton 8S BLX$899.99
8SOutcast 8S BLX$899.99
6SUDR$729.95Mojave 6S BLX$649.99
6SE-Revo 2.0$599.95Kraton 6S BLX$569.99
6SXO-1$749.95Infraction 6S BLX$649.99
6SNotorious 6S BLX$569.99
6SOutcast 6S BLX$549.99
6STalion 6S BLX$549.99
6STyphon 6S BLX$499.99
6SKraton EXB$469.99
6SMojave EXB$529.99
6SFelony 6S BLX$649.99
4SMaxx$549.95Kraton 4S BLX$399.99
4SOutcast 4S BLX$399.99
3SSlash 4X4 Ultimate$499.95Big Rock 3S BLX$319.99
3SHoss 4X4 VXL$469.95Granite 3S BLX$319.99
3SRustler 4X4 VXL$429.95Senton 3S BLX$319.99
3SStampede 4X4 VXL$379.95Typhon 3S BLX$319.99
3SSlash 4X4 VXL$379.95
3SSlash VXL $329.95
3SStampede VXL$299.95
3SRustler VXL$299.95
3SBandit VXL$289.95
3S4-Tec 2.0 VXL$379.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede 4X4 LCG$299.95Granite 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash 4X4$299.95Senton 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMHRally RTR$269.95Typhon 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMH4-Tec 2.0$229.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede 4X4 Kit$249.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash w/Battery$229.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHRustler w/Battery$199.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede w/Battery$199.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash$189.95

(Prices are subject to change without notice, last updated May 5, 2021.)

Arrma Vs. Traxxas review

Both businesses are vital because they each offer something distinctive. Traxxas is a firm that primarily produces RC vehicles for beginners but also produces a few hardcore kits. Extreme basher vehicles and beginner-friendly vehicles are both made by the business Arrma.


The difference between Arrma Vs. Traxxas is hardly discernible here because your chosen brand relies on your current needs and preferences. Both Arrma and Traxxas are significant businesses that provide us with a distinctive RC experience. Arrma offers a wide selection of high-quality RTR and EXP to meet customers’ demands seeking pure high-speed 6S competence. Traxxas offers a wide range of 2S and 3S cars and lots of drop-in compatible accessories from different aftermarket producers. The battle line is established on these foundations.