Arrma Kraton Vs. Arrma Talion

Arrma Kraton Vs Arrma Talion

The Battle of the Arrma begins with what we usually do every face-off; we try our best to break the truck literally and figuratively Arrma Kraton Vs. Arrma Talion is not new to the bashing world. Will the veteran trucks be dusted, or will it leave the others with nothing but the blurry mess of … Read more

Traxxas Slash vs. Traxxas Stampede

Traxxas Slash vs Traxxas Stampede

Today, we will be creating history, facing off two of the highest rating Traxxas Trucks, Traxxas Slash Vs. Stampede in a battle of bash, mud, and speed. Let me tell you now that it does not matter who wins; what matters now is we leave the trail with so much force that the core of … Read more

Brand Battle! Arrma Vs. Traxxas

Arrma vs Traxxas

This is one of the most challenging face-offs we have done, two of the best brands facing off to the ultimate battle of power, speed, and all-out fun; Arrma Vs. Traxxas will undoubtedly be the head-to-head of the year, the highlight of greatness, and we humbly show you the contenders. Top RC brands like Arrma … Read more

The Headquarters Champions Face to Face: Traxxas Hoss Vs. Traxxas Maxx

Traxxas Hoss Vs Traxxas Maxx

Regarding RC Trucks, Traxxas has its own highlights, and now we will face off against their champions, Traxxas Hoss Vs. Traxxas Maxx. Traxxas is one of the best RC brands, offering the most thrilling racing experience and astounding performance on smooth and off-road terrain. However, it is an accomplishment that will leave you in wonder … Read more

Arrma Kraton 8s Vs. X-Maxx

kraton 6s vs xmaxx

When the biggest and the meanest RC Trucks are called to the bashing arena, only 2 contenders rise to the top. Now it is their time to face each other Arrma Kraton 8s Vs. X-Maxx, wheels will burn, and gears will explode; this battle is for the last truck standing! Yes, the 1/5 Kraton 8S … Read more

4 Best 4wd RC Short Course Truck

best 4wd rc short course truck

The best ones will be displayed here for your consideration. Each one delivers premium performance, is extraordinarily powerful, and is built with extreme durability for years of delightful use. Because of this, these are the Best 4wd short-course RC trucks that are currently the most popular among customers. Contents Here Is the Reasons Why? ARRMA … Read more

Head on! Axial Wraith Vs Scx10

Axial is among the best RC Truck top brands. Axial Wraith vs SCX10 however, it is an accomplishment that will leave you in wonder of them and grow your admiration that they were able to bring these two great contenders to a contest of mastery. Let the battle of the King of Off-Road begin Contents … Read more

5 of the Best Rc Stadium Trucks that Will Drift Your Mind Away!

best RC Stadium Truck

Whether on a closed track or elsewhere, RC Stadium Trucks are ideal for thrilling acceleration and dramatic drifts thanks to their broad outer chassis. You can drive however erratically you want thanks to their excellent handling and high level of stability.  We’ll look at the top RC trucks available in this buying guide. You should … Read more

Choose the 5 Best Arrma Rc Car

Best Arrma Rc Car

Any consumer should find buying a hobby-grade radio control (RC) model to be enjoyable, thrilling, and rewarding. But as with other significant purchases, we see that consumers unfamiliar with the market frequently have the following queries and/or problems while attempting to contrast and choose the ideal model We decided to highlight the best ARRMA RC … Read more

Best Rc Rock Crawler under $200

Best Rc Rock Crawler under $200

Over time, the remote-control automobile and truck have drastically improved, becoming stronger and faster than ever. An RC car or truck that can climb and off-road like heavily modified full-size vehicles is called a rock crawler. These 4WD cars are really enjoyable to handle across rugged terrain and are ready to use right out of … Read more