6 Best Rc Car for Grass


On a grassy area, operating an RC is not that simple. When you run your RC on grass, it may encounter many issues. For instance, if the wheel’s height is too low, it may become caught on the grass. Finding the best RC car for grass is so difficult. Not to worry! RCBEE is here … Read more

How to Build a Rc Pulling Truck?

The frequencies created by a transmitter are used to run remote control devices. Additionally, remote-control gadgets are now widely used, such as a remote-control pull truck, remote control devices like a pulling truck are employed in used for industrial activities. Many societies across the world hold remote-control truck-pulling competitions as forms of amusement. Children and … Read more

Can You Run Two 2.4 GHz Rc Cars at the Same Time?

can you run two 2.4 ghz rc cars at the same time

You should look at what frequency the cars use if you want to purchase a remote-control car to play with buddies. Can two remote-control cars share the same frequency if RC cars aren’t always great on the same spectrum? Keep your remote-control cars, boats, and airplanes apart when using them on the same frequency, whether … Read more

Keeping the Best Beginner Nitro Rc Car

Many enthusiasts establishing their RC passion must choose between an electric car and a nitro car. The features and proper maintenance, practices for nitro automobiles can be broken down into a few simple categories. Nitro automobiles feature a specific throttle response, a greater range, and that distinctive sound that so many people find so appealing. … Read more

4 Reasons Why 1:8 Is the Best Scale for Rc Car

Best 18 scale rc

Everybody loves RC Cars, the advantages of this hobby are obvious.  It encourages dexterity, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and because you maintain and fix the car yourself, it teaches you the fundamentals of car mechanics as well.  Here at RCBEE, we think it’s critical that you get the fundamentals of the hobby before you dive … Read more

  How to Build an Rc Truck: Best Custom Kits Is Here!

Rc truck

Tired of a built-in low-speed RC truck? Or, Want to build your own RC truck to rock the racetrack? Building an RC truck with custom kits would be an absolute solution as these kits include all the components and accessories to build an RC truck. Most of the build-in RC truck comes with issues like … Read more

How to Start a Nitro Rc Car? Get on the Track in Seconds!

Nitro RC Car

How to start a nitro RC car? Tighten or adjust the screws, check the radio gear & clutch, prime the engine, and then pull the starting gear to start a nitro car quickly. Most of the time, starting a Nitro Rc takes hours. Besides, it requires continuous pulling that may break the starting mechanism. To … Read more

How to Tell if Traxxas Battery Is Bad?

Traxxas battery

Tired of the lower runtime of the RC? Or, Confused about the Traxxas battery status while on track? Cheeking the battery would be the absolute solution as it helps to determine whether the battery is in good or bad condition. Besides, you can get the exact problem that causes lower runtime or a decrease in … Read more

How to Change Frequency on Remote Control Car?

How to change frequency on remote control car

Two RC cars with the same frequency are feasible. You will not be able to manage both RC cars at the very same time. So, all you have to do is change the frequency of one of your RC cars in this case. So, do you know How to change frequency on remote control car? … Read more