How to Fill RC Shocks: Steps to Fill Rc Car’S Shocks

Do you purchase a new RC car’s Shock? Or, do you need to change your RC car’s Shocks old oil? No matter which one you are going to do, you need to fill the RC shock with oil appropriately. If you fail to fill the Shock correctly, it may lose its performance. So, it is very important to know How to Fill RC Shocks.

Shock absorbers are among the most critical components of any RC car. It is a crucial part that will modify the performance of your RC car. If the shocks of your RC car do not function properly, or if you want to add a new shock, then you should fill it with oil.

It’s not very challenging, but filling the Shock with oil is tricky. So, do you want to know how to fill RC shocks with oil? This article is going to discuss all the associated processes involved with filling the RC shocks with oil. Continue reading this article and get the job done efficiently.


RC car Shocks Absorber

When it comes to adjusting the handling as well as control of an RC vehicle, the shocks have such a significant impact on the setup process. Thanks to the Shock, the spring’s movement will be slowed down, which serves its intended function. In addition to this, they have an effect on the handling conditions while cornering. If they are too rigid, the ride may be uncomfortable and choppy as a result.

To retain the maximum performance of your car, you should take proper care of the shocks. Changing the old oil in the shocks is one of the best ways to retain the performance of the Shock. If you want to change the old oil in your Shock, then you need to know How to Fill RC Shocks.

How to Fill RC Shocks: 4 Easy Steps

Properly filling the shocks is very important if you want to change the old oil in the Shock or want to add new shocks to your RC Car. If you’re going to fill your shocks with oil, then you should know the proper way to fill them.

Step-01: Open the cap of the Shock 

The first and foremost thing you should have to do is detach the shocks cap. You can do it by using your figure or using a tool like a wrench to remove the cap. After removing the cap, compress the shaft multiple times. Now it is ready to fill with oil.

Clean the Shock if it is old

Remove the Shock’s springs and disassemble them. Cleanse the oil as well as grime from the shock shaft’s rubber boots. Empty the oil into a single-use cup when you’ve finished dismantling the shocks. To remove the oil, use a clean paper towel.

Compress the shaft of the Shock several. This will clear the surplus oil from under the piston. To leak out any residual oil, turn the Shock over upside-down. This will remove the old oil from the shocks and prepare them for refilling.

Step-02: Fill the Shock with Clean Oil

After completing the 1st step, now it is time to fill your Shock with clean water. So, all you have to do is extend the Shock’s shaft all the way down. Pour clean oil into the Shock to a maximum of 90 percent of the Shock’s capacity.

Note: Don’t overfill the Shock with oil. Fill the Shock and keep the oil level under the rim, around 2 to 3 mm down from the edge.

Step-03: Release the Air Bubbles

After filling the Shock, it is now very important to release the air bubbles from the oil. Pump the shaft of the Shock up and down 10 times. This will allow the air bubbles within the Shock to release. You should also keep the Shock upright for around 1 hour to eliminate the air bubbles. Tapping the Shock with metal will also help to release air bubbles.

Step-04: Reattach the Cap

After ensuring that there are no more air bubbles inside the Shock, screw the top onto the Shock. While the cap is being tightened, the shock button may be held with a wrench, whereas the cap is being tightened. This will assist in preventing leaks from occurring in the bladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How full do you fill RC car shocks?

The idea is not to totally fill the body but rather to fill it to the point that there is no air beneath the bladder when it is put on top. If you fill the Shock overly, it will not affect performance; the Shock will just flow out and create a mess.

How do I choose RC shock oil?

Choose a heavier oil for more grip and thinner oil for less traction. Lighter oil increases traction on slick surfaces while making steering easier. Steering is quicker and more precise with thicker oil.

What kind of oil do you put in RC shocks?

The silicone shock oil is highly suggested to be used in place of traditional types of shock oil. This is due to the fact that oil based on silicone does not harm the shocks in the same way that other types of oil do. On the other hand, you might use motor oil if the situation calls for it.

Which shocks are better, oil or gas?

Gas-charged shocks offer a more engaging driving experience. Must first get compressed in order for the oil to be pushed through the valve. Hydraulic shocks provide for a more comfortable and refined ride. It is raised in the hydraulic Shock at a slower rate, giving the vehicle a softer feel.

Wrap Up

If you want to change your RC shock’s old oil or if you want to add a new shock to your RC car, then you should fill the shocks appropriately. Here in this article, we discussed How to Fill RC Shocks. These processes are involved Open the cap> Pump the Shaft> Filling the Shock with oil> and Reattach the Cap. By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to easily fill the shocks.


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