How to Start a Nitro Rc Car? Get on the Track in Seconds!

How to start a nitro RC car? Tighten or adjust the screws, check the radio gear & clutch, prime the engine, and then pull the starting gear to start a nitro car quickly.

Most of the time, starting a Nitro Rc takes hours. Besides, it requires continuous pulling that may break the starting mechanism. To get rid of such issues, we are here with detailed instructions that will help you to start a nitro RC within a few seconds. If you’re still confused, scroll through our detailed guide to get a quick clarification.


Steps to Start a Nitro Rc Car

To start a nitro car quickly, you have to follow steps including picking the right tools, tightening or adjusting the screws, checking the radio gear, priming the engine, and pulling the starter. Let’s scroll through these steps in detail.  

Pick the Right Tools

Before starting a nitro RC car, you have to pick the right tools first. For a classic nitro Rc car, it is better to keep a glow plug wrench, small flat screwdriver, 1.5mm hardened tipped hex wrench, and a simple Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws & adjust idle ones.

Now, if the engine size is medium to large, then you may need a 2.5mm hex wrench. To cover up the RC settings, always purchase a wrench or screwdriver which is made with high-quality metals. Otherwise, these tools can damage the RC screws.

Tighten & Adjust Screws 

When you have all the tools in hand, it’s time to tighten or adjust the screws. Most nitro cars use metal screws on the different parts. As these metal parts expand and contract due to the temperature differences in the manufacturing region & various countryside, it is a must to tighten the screws.

On top of that, some loose screws can create air leakage and provoke immediate turn-off. First, tighten the engine-head screws and make sure the screws aren’t overtightened. Then, go for the screws which are holding the engine. If you’re done with tightening, let’s check and adjust the idle screws.

The throttle controls the air flow to the engine which means it controls quite the explosion size. Now, the idle screw controls the throttle and it is better to adjust it properly for enjoying proper speed on tracks. Turn the screw clockwise or anticlockwise a little according to the hole you want.

Check The Radio Gear & Clutch 

If the gears aren’t in place, it may cause trouble while starting the nitro RC.  Loosen the stopper of the gearbox with a 1.5mm hex wrench and push the little throttle lever with your finger. Next, tighten the screw if anything feels wrong.

Then, go for the clutch settings. Use two fingers to hold the clutch bell to check the condition. If you don’t feel any scraping, the clutch is in absolutely good condition. So, the nitro RC is ready for priming & starting.

Priming The Engine

It is actually the process to insert a little amount of fuel into the engine. First of all, place the finger over the outlet of the exhaust pipe. But, hold it for just a second or two. In this process, a little bit of fuel will move to the engine from the fuel tank. 

Now, the fuel will first fill up the fuel tube and then to the engine. As soon as the fuel touches the engine, pull for the last time to suck the fuel into the engine. If the fuel doesn’t fill up in the first pull, it is better to pull a few times.

The only thing to remember is, never sucks too much fresh fuel into the engine. Otherwise, the engine will flood and you have to remove the excess fuel. On the other hand, if you’re unable to suck up enough fuel, then the engine won’t start.

Start The Engine 

After priming is done, take the finger off the exhaust pipe. The final step is to start the nitro engine of the RC. As the RC covers a lot of models, the starting mechanism may vary from model to model. 

First, attach the glow starters to the glow plug. Once you’re done with plugging, hold the model and pull the pulling start mechanism with the forearm. To get a quick start, pull the mechanism around half of its length. 

Here, most people pull the cord all the way like a lawn mower. But, if you do it in the case of RC, the pull starter will break immediately. Hence, pull it around half of the length each time. If the engine isn’t starting even with multiple tries, prime it again and have such a little bit more fuel this time. 

Sometimes, the nitro engine isn’t starting even after continuous trying. It happens when you close the throttle too much. Pick the idle screw and lose it to open the throttle hole a bit more. Try with the mechanism again several times. Finally, the nitro engine is starting and you’re ready to rock the racetrack. 

Tips For Starting a Nitro RC Car Quickly

To start a nitro RC car quickly, you have to keep some things in mind. Let’s have a look at these tips.

Check all the metal parts and the attached screws first. Loose screws may hamper the starting. Next, adjust the idle screw to control the throttle hole. As it helps a lot in the ignition & combustion, adjust the throttle perfectly. 

Then, remove the glow plug and check it. If the plug is glowing, it is in good condition. Otherwise, replace the glow plug with a new one. Finally, prime the engine with the correct amount of fuel. 

When the engine is very cold, it becomes hard to start. If such issues arise, take the RC to a warm place and then use an electric starter to start the engine. Also, the air leak makes starting quite impossible. That’s why check the screws every time before starting. 

If you follow these tips properly, we hope you can save a lot of time on priming and starting. Keep one thing in mind, experience matters a lot in priming & starting. So, if you’re a beginner, we suggest you take time & try the process a couple of times to get used to it.

Warp Up

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we covered all the necessary information about how to start a nitro RC car, we hope this article will help to start your nitro RC quickly. Especially if you’re a beginner, we have covered some million-dollar tips to save your hours of time.

Starting a nitro RC is a little hard but following the proper instruction can make you master priming & starting. So, Go with these steps carefully right now to start the nitro Rc within a few seconds!


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