How to Tell if Traxxas Battery Is Bad?

Tired of the lower runtime of the RC? Or, Confused about the Traxxas battery status while on track?

Cheeking the battery would be the absolute solution as it helps to determine whether the battery is in good or bad condition. Besides, you can get the exact problem that causes lower runtime or a decrease in RC speed.

When you’re on a racetrack, bad batteries irritate you the most. In fact, it confused whether the battery or motor got damaged. To get rid of such issues, check the battery condition quickly and change it if necessary.

Still confused about how to tell if Traxxas battery is bad? Scroll through our detailed guide to get a quick clarification about the battery conditions.


Ways to Check a Traxxas Battery

To check a Traxxas Battery condition, there are different effective ways including checking the physical damage, inspecting the battery capacity, measuring the battery voltage, and checking the internal resistance. Let’s dig into these ways in detail.

Check the Physical Damage

First of all, check the physical status of the battery to detect any issues. To check the physical status, turn off the RC and remove the body. Once you’re done with the body, take apart the Traxxas battery for further damage checking.

Most of the time, RC enthusiasts face issues, the batteries become swollen or puffy. In fact, the swelling of the batteries can damage the chassis of the RC. if you’re using a swelling battery, it may blast when you go through a few cycles.

But, if a year-old battery swells up a little, it is quite normal. The only issues, even a little puffy or swallowed battery have the risk of starting a fire. So, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Sometimes, a brand new battery can get puffed after a few minutes of running due to the punctured inner foil. If such issues arise, we suggest you change the battery as soon as possible. Otherwise, this ticking time bomb will destroy the vehicle.

Inspect the Battery Capacity

If the battery is absolutely fine with the physical looks, check the capacity of the batter to determine the problem. If the battery is defective, it won’t be able to give 80% runtime of its total capacity.

When we inspect the capacity, we usually turn over the RC and run it until the battery is completely discharged. As the RC is not running on the track, it won’t use the same power. As a result, it becomes hard to determine the battery capacity.

Actually, healthy Traxxas LiPo batteries offer 15 to 25 minutes of runtime depending on the weight of the RC. To measure the capacity of the battery, cycle the battery a few times. Then, test the capacity on the 3rd or 4th time. It is important as the damaged batteries fail to supply enough current supply after  4 or 5 runs.

Now, if you want to extend the battery health and keep it in top-notch condition, we suggest you avoid over-charging the battery. Besides, always charge a Li-PO battery with its original charger.

Measure the Battery Voltage

Extreme low voltage can decrease the battery performance and result in lower runtime. To check the battery voltage, you need instruments including a multimeter and LiPo battery chargers.

Once you’re ready with the instruments, check the output voltage and discharge rate to decide whether the battery is in good or bad condition. Charge the battery pack fully and then check out the voltage. Turn off the charger and detach it from the battery pack to avoid accidents.

Let’s find out the battery pack’s positive and negative terminals. Next, connect the positive one or the red wire into the ‘+’ of the multimeter and the negative or black one into the ‘-’ terminal.

After setting up the multimeter, look at the reading on the meter. Usually, batteries from Traxxas never discharge below 3.0V/cell. If it is below 3v, the battery is in bad condition. Check the voltage status 2 or 3 times to avoid any voltage error. If the result is still the same, pick a new one to rock the track again.

Check the Internal Resistance

It is the quickest way as using a voltmeter is quite easy & simple. As the IR decides the efficiency of the battery, check it properly to determine the condition of the battery.

To check the internal resistance or IR, connect the battery to the voltmeter. Once the connection is complete, read the discharge rating of the meter properly. Now, it is time to connect a resistor between the battery and voltmeter. Then, take the final reading to calculate the internal resistance.

So, how to decide the condition of the battery? Actually, low IR indicates a higher current flow. If you get high IR, it means a lower current is flowing from the battery to the ESC. In short, the battery is not in good condition to supply enough current for the RC. So, change the battery as soon as possible to save the internal circuits.

Tips to Keep Traxxas Battery Healthy

To keep the Traxxas battery in top-notch condition, you have to follow some tips including using a real charger, avoiding overcharging, and fully charging up the battery. Let’s have a look at these tips in detail.

Use A Real Charger 

To keep a battery healthy, avoid using multiple chargers. In fact, it is better to prefer a real Traxxas battery charger to charge the battery. As different brands offer different voltages, it destroys the internal circuits and decreases the capacity of the battery. On the other hand, if your friends got a Traxxas charger, then you can use it.

Avoid Overcharging

Most of the time, a Traxxas battery got damaged due to overcharging issues. As Traxxas batteries come with an overcharging safety system, we leave it charging overnight. As a result, the total capacity of the battery decreases. So, it is better to watch the battery while charging to avoid overcharging issues.

Fully Charge Up The Battery

If you charge the battery multiple times in fractions, it will cause damage to the internal circuits and decrease the capacity. To get rid of such issues, always charge the battery up to 100%.

Now, a 3000mAh battery takes 40 to 50 minutes to charge fully. But, it may vary if you use a different charger. So, watch the battery while charging and remove the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Traxxas Battery Last?

Usually, a Traxxas battery lasts around 30 to 60 minutes. But, it depends on the factors like the type of battery, the weight of the RC, and the type of terrain.

Can I Overcharge a Traxxas RC Battery?

No, overcharging can decrease the total capacity of the Traxxas battery. It is better to avoid overcharging to keep the battery healthy.

Is It Good To Use a Puffed Or Swallowed Traxxas Battery?

No, puffy or swallowed batteries have the risk of starting a fire. To keep such issues aside, we suggest picking a new battery for your Traxxas.

Warp Up

Finally, we have made it to the end. As we tried to cover multiple effective ways to check the battery condition, we hope this article will help you to check the Traxxas battery in seconds.

On top of that, we have added some tips that can keep Traxxas battery in top-notch condition for years. So, pick any of these ways to check the battery condition quickly. If the battery condition is bad, we suggest changing the battery to rock the racetrack again!


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