Traxxas Steering Servo Problems: the Possible Problems and Solution

While you are ready with your Traxxas for a fresh race, you may face different Traxxas steering servo problems. It may be a massive inconvenience if, all of a sudden, the steering doesn’t work correctly in the Traxxas. So, it is imperative to know what the problem is and how to Solution it.

The first and foremost problem that can happen with your Traxxas is Tires Turn Automatically. Throttle but no steering is another major problem that most people face with their Traxxas. Another most common Traxxas steering servo problem is Tires Only Turn One Way. All these problems can occur for individual causes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the four most common Traxxas steering servo problems that you may face. We’ll also discuss the effective solving tricks for these problems. So, continue reading this article and enjoy an errorless race.


4 Common Traxxas Steering Servo Problems

If the steering servo of a Traxxas goes terrible, it will create different problems. So, here are four various possible Traxxas steering servo problems that anyone can face.

Tires Turn Automatically

One of the most common Traxxas steering servo problems is turning the tires automatically. This problem possibly happens when you turn your car on or drive it for a few moments. There’s a chance the tires may turn sharply to the left or even right. This may occur as a result of a malfunctioning servo horn or a misaligned servo trim setting.

If you face this issue, then you must solve it. You can solve this kind ofissue by checking the servo trim settings as well as the servo horn. You should also ensure the EPA of the car is properly reset. If these two methods do not work, then it may happen for servo gears and linkages issues.

Some of the servo gears could be stripped, and maybe one of the car’s linkages could be loose. Therefore, make sure you check them out to ensure there is no problem. After this, you may no longer have any problems with your Traxxas steering servo. Take the RC car to a specialist if the issues don’t solve.

Steering Servo Not Returning Back to Centre

Another common issue is that the steering servo does not return to the center. You may run into this issue multiple times, and several variables in my case caused it. When you let off of the steering wheel, the automobile seems to veer in that location rather than staying put.

Troubleshooting the servo is the first step to determining whether it’s a problem with the servo itself. Inspect for worn gears by wriggling the servo arm and listening for noises, or operate without power. Then test the servo’s centering as well as throws with full power. A 6v hump pack or equivalent will provide you with the most amount of torque possible.

If the servo is the issue, replace the gears before purchasing a new one, unless the fault is with the potentiometer, in which case replacement is preferable. Slop may be eliminated by applying thin amounts of PTFE tape over screws as well as over ball links or by purchasing a new set. If severe toe-in or out is paired with incorrect tracking, all-wheel bearings may enable steering drift.

Tires Only Turn One Way

So, although your RC car can move left and right, it leans significantly more to one side than the others. Alternatively, it rotates easily but struggles to keep straight or balanced. An issue most likely causes this with both the servo horn and even the servo trim position.

The Solution to this issue is straightforward. Ensure that the servo horn and all of the linkages are in good functioning condition, and that should be all that is required of you. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, the best place to have it fixed is at a hobby store in the area.

Throttle but No Steering

First things first, you need to determine whether or not the servo gears have been stripped. Because dust may get caught in the servo gears, which can cause them to get denied, if this is the case, the battery pack probably isn’t ultimately charged either. Therefore, if this is the case, you should make sure to charge the battery.

The servo connection may be also wobbly. Although certainly not the least important, the last possibility is that the links are not linked to the steering servo accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix a Traxxas Steering Servo?

Disconnect the faulty servo from the transmitter and reconnect it to a new channel. If the Traxxas steering servo isn’t operating, disconnect the connection from the 1st channel on the receiver and plug it into the 2nd channel.

Why Does My Rc Servo Keep Spinning?

The reference photometer within the servo is the place to look. Either the axles between the pot and output gear have slopped. The brush inside may also become loose, filthy, or lose tension when it touches the mating surfaces.

Why Is My Rc Car Turning but Not Moving?

The wires of a toy RC will typically run to a circuit. Any loose or damaged connections may need to be re-solder. If you have no turning, no noise, and also no movement, it’s conceivable that your motor is defective or worn out and has to be replaced.

Why Is My Traxxas Blinking Red?

The control system will turn off all motor power if the battery voltage falls below minimal. A low-voltage shutdown is indicated by the LED on the speed regulation blinking steadily red. The control system will remain in this mode until an ultimately charged battery is attached.

Wrap up

You may face different types of steering servo problems with your Traxxas. However, these problems are not so serious as well as challenging to solve. Here we discussed 4 different issues that may occur with your Traxxas. We also discussed their solving process. So, this article may help you to take steps against any steering servo problems with your Traxxas.


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